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"Hey, sorry I haven't updated in a while. Life's been crazy, but I'll be back soon."

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After several years of stagnation, I’ve released JotDown: a markdown editing suite on

Fullscreen and distraction free modes
Fullscreen and distraction free modes

Another markdown editor? Really?

While there’s certainly no shortage of markdown editors available, I wanted something more specific. Namely, a better way to organize markdown files.

Markdown files can be grouped together by category, directory, or tag, and that metadata is stored in an standard and portable way: as YAML at the beginning of the file, for example:

title: My Document Title
category: School
  - notes
  - todo

## My Heading

Lots of notes go here

I use JotDown for organizing and planning projects, campaign notes and ideas for tabletop games, and journaling for longer term projects.

Maybe it’ll be useful for somebody else as well.

It also supports all or most of the usual markdown editor features, but also includes:

  • Rendering of flow charts and sequence diagrams
  • Markdown preview including synced checkbox lists
  • Typewriter and distraction free modes Vlambeer-inspired powermode. Makes writing streaks more exciting

However, I haven’t spent any money on it yet, and that means that neither the Windows build, nor the (untested) Mac build have been code-signed. That means that your operating system is likely to either show you a warning when running this application, or may prevent you from running it entirely.

If there’s enough interest to warrant the cost, I’ll get one or both of those signed in the future.