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"Hey, sorry I haven't updated in a while. Life's been crazy, but I'll be back soon."

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I’ve released a few projects I’m using for managing projects and games on


The first is itchpack, commandline, preconfigured wrapper around webpack with some extra utilities.

Itchpack provides a local development environment for game, gamejam, and profile pages on

It downloads your current page markup and styles, can render templated data from a data file, prefixes custom- in front of your HTML classes, handles sass/scss compilation, and provides live reloading when working locally.

I used it extensively while working on the game page for Deepdwn.


itch_client is a ruby library for interacting with There are some functions I needed for the next project which are unavailable in the itch API.

itch_client is a screenscraping client and provides authentication, updating and fetching reward information, as well as purchase and reward redemption logs.


itch-rewards is a commandline application based on itch_client, meant for automating available game page rewards, especially for community copies.

itch-rewards allows a game developer to set a minimum number of copies that are always available, or to have the number update based on sales (for instance: “Every copy of my game sold makes a community copy available!”), or based on tips above the game price (configurable).

itch-rewards can also update the reward content itself, to show the number of copies that have been made available, or progress to the next copy.

I’m using this in concert with the script used for my desk bell notifications to update available rewards after purchases.