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The word hello centered inside a circle in CascadeStudio
The word hello centered inside a circle in CascadeStudio

I’ve been using CascadeStudio recently for parametric modeling (like this) and needed a way to center some dynamic text, which isn’t implemented currently.

Fortunately, a user on github documented a way to get the boundary box of a solid shape here: this discussion post, which makes centered (or right-aligned) text easy.

const getBounds = shape => {
    const bmin = { x: Infinity, y: Infinity, z: Infinity },
        bmax = { x: -Infinity, y: -Infinity, z: -Infinity };

    ForEachFace(shape, (index, face) => {
        ForEachVertex(face, (vertex) => {
            const pnt = oc.BRep_Tool.prototype.Pnt(vertex);
            const x = pnt.X(), y = pnt.Y(), z = pnt.Z();

            if (x < bmin.x) bmin.x = x;
            if (y < bmin.y) bmin.y = y;
            if (z < bmin.z) bmin.z = z;

            if (x > bmax.x) bmax.x = x;
            if (y > bmax.y) bmax.y = y;
            if (z > bmax.z) bmax.z = z;
    return [bmin, bmax];

// create the text shape
const textShape = Text3D("hello!", 10, 0.1);

// get the minimum and maximum bounds for the text
const [min, max] = getBounds(textShape);
const width = max.x - min.x;
const height = max.z - min.z;

// translate the text by half the width and height
    [-width / 2, 0, -height / 2],

Demo link