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"Hey, sorry I haven't updated in a while. Life's been crazy, but I'll be back soon."

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Git Bisecting Files in a Single Commit

I have sometimes wanted to run git bisect on all of the files in a single commit to determine which file caused a given issue. While this isn’t supported by ...


Wheeler Released

I’ve released Wheeler, an Open Broadcaster overlay. Wheeler is designed to replace pedal cams (sock cams) in racing games for streamers. It displays confi...

The $15 shift light and DiRT Rally

After some trial and error (and error, and error, and error), I’ve managed to get DiRT Rally telemetry data to display on a TM1638 display module, and have r...

First finalver release!

I’ve released finalver, the versioning specification you’re probably already using. Finalver is most appropriate for assets that change hands and update reg...

Blug Opdate

This is the obiligatory “I’ve update my blog, and I’m serious about adding regular content, guys. From here on, things will be different,” post. This site n...


Fun with Httparty and Query Order

Ran into an issue this weekend with httparty, and an API (mapquest) that was sensitive to query parameter order. Specifically, when batch geocoding location...

Raspberry Pi Paper Cases

Received 3 Raspberry Pi cases as gifts recently, and my wife was kind enough to supply me with these excellent boxes.

Octopress Under Windows

When running the setup_github_pages task, the ampersand in … can be escaped with a caret symbol.